Saturday, July 23, 2011

thank you for being a friend

i had a week.  one of those groundhog day weeks where you wake up and think, "didn't i just do this?" drag yourself out of bed-go to hot yoga-have a near death experience from the heat before 9am-come home-get ready-go to the studio-dig almonds out of the bottom of your purse when you realize you haven't eaten yet-come home-wash off the makeup that is no longer serving it's purpose of covering the dark circles underneath your eyes-climb into bed-fall asleep the second before your head hits the pillow-wake up to your alarm and... repeat.


i demo'd eleven songs this week.  that is a lot of band wrangling and singing, my friends.  but more on that later...

the brightest part of my week came courtesy of my sweet friend and roommate heather morgan. i missed a baby shower for a friend of ours one evening in the midst of my craziness so she brought me home a surprise from the table our friends decorated.

they say it's the little things.  i say it's the little hot pink things that come in bud vases.

we then sat on my bed for an hour in the middle of the night and talked about boys.  
reason number 3,528 that i love her.

thank you for being a friend, sweet heather.  this one's for you.

(go on, sing it.  you know you want to)

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