Wednesday, July 13, 2011

da hood

in april of this year i turned in my key to the yellow tile in the bathroom, leaky side door, crooked hardwood floor green hills house that i had rented for nearly 6 years and packed my bags (read: empty wine cases i snagged from the parking lot of bud's liquors) for 12 south.

i LOVE this neighborhood.  

i love that you can walk everywhere.  it reminds me of my college years in boston.
i love that every restaurant/coffee shop/salon/market/boutique is locally owned.  not a chain in sight.
i love that my favorite coffee shop knows my order when i walk in the door.
i love that my friends live here and that i get to unexpectedly run into them.
the herringbone marble floors in my new bathroom aren't so bad either... 

along with me, another new addition made it to the neighborhood this spring.  the 12 south farmer's market.  tuesday afternoons.  3:30pm-6:30pm.  sevier park.  veggies.  dairy.  flowers.  meat.  berries.  honey.  lemonade.  straight from the farmers to you.  doesn't get any better.

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