Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mr. Darlin

so i have this friend named morgane.  she is beautiful.  she sings her butt off.  she writes incredible songs. she cooks a mean 3am t-bone.  she sends the sweetest monday evening texts wishing me a happy-skyping-eve.  she also happens to be an incredible mother to two of the most beautiful and perfect children on the face of the earth.  

her son, wayland, is 3 years old and calls me 'miss darlin'.  seriously.  he came up with that on his own. wayland, we have already decided, will be gerald's best friend.  they will be in a band (duh) and it will be called panda because they are black and white (duh) and that is just plain cute i don't care who you are.  anyway, i was over at their house the other day and wayland saw a picture of gerald and geraldine on the wallpaper of my computer (duh).  i pulled him up on to my lap and, pointing at them individually, asked him to tell me their names.  here's how the conversation went:

me: "way, who is this?"
wayland: "gerald."
me: "and who is this?"
wayland: "and deen."

AND DEEN.  how stinkin' precious is that???  i looked over at morgane and told her that her son might have just named my daughter.

this, of course, brought up a big question.  how exactly does one spell 'deen'?  is it 'dine', just like the end of her name but that everyone would mispronounce as if they were about to sit down to eat for the rest of her life?  or is it 'dean' as in james?  or is it a more feminine 'deen' like wayland's aunt meesa suggested?

i decided that since wayland picked her name he should be the one to spell it.  this did not come easy for sweet mr. darlin.  turns out, there is a lot of pressure in picking the spelling of a name.

so, mr. darlin took some time... and i got the following video text from morgane this week.

'deen' it is.  gerald and deen.  forever and ever amen.


  1. love love love this. So presh.

  2. One of my best girlfriends from home is named Dean so in my mind, it's always been a girl name. Love it! Also, love little kids with glasses!